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School Uniform Policy


Jarvisburg Christian Academy

On regular school days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) students may wear any solid color polo shirt with navy or khaki-colored pants/shorts/skirts, jumpers, etc.  Both male and female students are allowed to wear pants or long shorts.  Female students may also choose to wear navy, plaid, or khaki-colored capris, skorts, skirts, or jumpers.  Sandals and sneakers are permitted, but students should avoid wearing rubber flip-flops.

During cold weather months, students will be required to leave outer-wear on the coat racks located in the Old Sanctuary or gym.  Only solid-colored indoor layered wear, such as sweaters or sweat-shirts, will be permitted in the classrooms.  Please avoid multi-colored or patterned designs, large logos, and graphic arts displays. 

Students are permitted natural hair colors only. (For example, natural red hair is acceptable, but “neon red” is not.) In addition, wearing ear pierced-style earrings is limited to female students only. Facial piercings are not permitted.

On Chapel school days (Mondays – grades K through 3, Wednesdays – grades 4 through 12) students are required to wear chapel uniforms that will be purchased by the school. All indoor layered wear (crew neck sweater – girls, and V-neck sweater – boys) for chapel uniforms will also be purchased by the school.  Families of female students will provide shoes to complement a skirt and blouse outfit (no sneakers, deck shoes, flip-flops, or boots, please) along with solid-color tights or hosiery for cold weather days. Families of male students will provide a belt and shoes to complement a shirt and tie outfit – “deck” style shoes or similar “slip-on” styles are often comfortable (no sneakers, flip-flops, or boots, please.)

For P.E. days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) all students in grades 2 – 9 will wear P.E. uniforms that will be purchased by the school. (Students in grades 10-12 are not required to enroll in a P.E. class, but with permission may use the Fitness Center. Older students who choose to use the Fitness Center must also wear a P.E. uniform.) Students may either wear sneakers or bring sneakers to school on P.E. days.

To help with the costs of chapel uniforms and P.E. uniforms parents will be charged a chapel uniform fee of $30 per student and a P.E. uniform fee of $10 per student. These fees may be paid in 10-month installments of $4 per student, August through May, in a similar way as tuition payments. Families are always welcome to make lump sum payments if they prefer.

All students will be fitted for chapel uniforms and P.E. uniforms during the first week of school, and students will need to wear casual uniforms daily until the chapel uniform orders arrive.