Jarvisburg Christian Academy
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Jarvisburg Christian Academy - Home of the Mariners!

"Academic Excellence with a Christian Worldview"

121 Forbes Road
Jarvisburg, NC  27947

(252) 491-8283
Jarvisburg Christian Academy has been offering Christ-centered education for school-age children since September 2007. 
The start of academic year 2013/2014 marks our 7th year! 

Why a Christian education for your children?

We believe that the truths of God's Word should be taught at the earliest age and be continued through the adult years.  It is our firm belief that the Word of God and its message of redeeming grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only adequate foundation for any Christian education program.  True Christian education will provide a distinct Christian philosophy and include Biblical studies as an integral part of its curriculum.  This approach is necessary in order to obtain a well-balanced and properly focused education which views all knowledge in light of Biblical truth. 

What is our mission?

      Our mission is to partner with families who wish to build their home on the Solid Rock with a Christ-centered education!

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