Grades 5 through 12

JCA serves students with a variety of learning needs, including specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and autism.

Students in grades 5 through 12 use the Ignitia learning management system, the newest system offered by Alpha Omega Publications.  Built exclusively for Christian schools, this comprehensive curriculum includes lesson in five core subject areas:  Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and History/Geography, as well as a diviserse offering of elective courses. 

Students in grades Pre-K through 4  use Abeka curriculum materials, a consumable print curriculum that is teacher directed.  Students develop intellectually as they master appropriate, grade-level skills.  In addition, they develop good character and integrity as they apply Biblical

truths to their own lives.    

Small class sizes allow for individual attention to meet student needs!

Why is Christian education essential for today's students? We believe that the Word of God and its message of redeeming grace through faith in Jesus Christ is the only adequate foundation for education!  A properly focused education views all knowledge in light of Biblical truth.

Award-wining curriculum for grades Pre-K through 12 offers a Christian world-view!

Grades Pre-K through 4

JCA students have consistently demonstrated high academic growth in five core subjects over a ten-year period.  Each year students at every grade level are administered nationally standardized tests (currently Terra Nova, 3rd edition), and at least 80% of the student population have scored at or above the national average range annually.



Jarvisburg Christian Academy opened in August 2007.  The 2017-2018 academic year marks JCA's eleventh year of service to the Christian community!

Monthly field trips enhance student learning through museums, plays, concerts, and other special events!


Jarvisburg Christian Academy